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Vison & Mission


To empower each and every small farmer across India with a platform that provides them with ready market of customers which gives the farmers due price of their efforts and bring back the respect they deserve.


To provide every small farmer with a robust and scalable platform to sell his or her produce and improve their life in general. Moreover, by doing this people in general has easy access to pesticide free, organically grown, high quality home grown produce.

What We Do.

Connecting many little or urban farms which are functioning on the terraces, balconies, or small space to the customers directly, so that they get the right price and the customers get good produce.

Jagmul is a classifieds site exclusively for small scale farmers. So farmers can directly sell to those who require their produce in their locality itself. So they get extra income and customers get fresh goods.

Most importantly, as we are not involved in the sale we don’t charge any commission or fees. Farmers can list their product for free and the buyers can buy it directly with no middle men.


What We Do

Jagmul is a classifieds platform to connect small Read more


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