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1) You can log in with your mobile no. with an OTP. 2) You can also use social log in with Facebook account or google account. 3) You don’t need to log in to browse products

Go to “My Account” Page Click on Edit profile on the left. And you can edit.

Go to “My Account Page” Click on Edit profile on the left. In the mobile no. field you can change your mobile no.

Jagmul is a platform is strictly dedicated to all agricultural and farm products. Generally we do not allow to post any advertisements of other categories of products. Please note all items classified as illegal as per Indian law is also restricted on our platform. The below list is exhaustive, but is not limited to this. • Admissions including Direct Admissions in colleges/universities/reputed institutes. • Adoption of Children & Babies • Ads for buying products/services like "Looking for iPhone", "Looking for a rental house" etc. Please look at the ads posted on OLX and contact the sellers. • Adult/Sexually Oriented/Pornographic Material” or "Child pornographic material. • Advance bookings or Products which are yet to be launched or pre-orders except for traveling and lodging. • Advance fees, registration fees or payment, etc. • Alcohol, E-cigarette, and Tobacco Products. • Allopathic medicine. Any kind of new or used medicine. • Any animal under the pets category as defined under the prevention of cruelty to animals (Pet Shop) Rules, 2018 or any other kind of live animal. • Any kind of animal body part of animal skin and bone or any product made of such material. • Astrology or any kind of spiritual/supernatural services/remedies like (black magic, Vashikaran, love spells/problems/jadu/ Vashikaran). Any services where facts are not public and can’t be scientifically ascertained in general. • Blogging or any discussion or information published on the Internet. • Brand new phones/newly launched/recently purchased without a bill, Jio Phones, etc. • Burglary Tools • Charity or voluntary giving of help or products for free. • Chemicals i.e. “Hazardous Chemicals, Pharmaceutical products (prescribed or not), Restricted, Perishable Items”, and “Radioactive materials & substances” • Child labor or Slavery i.e. Any services which fall within the ambit of child welfare laws of the country. • Counterfeit Products/Clones, Replicas or demo sets. • Crypto-currency (e.x. Bitcoin, Litecoin, bitcoin mining rigs & affiliated services/products). • Cylinders and Products without the approval and registration of government agencies such as CNG, Pepper Spray, LPG. • Oxygen Cylinders/Concentrators. • Database - Selling of user database or leads or sale of any information duly collected from the customers which can benefit others knowingly or unknowingly. • Dating services for people looking for relationship, dating, and/or friendship • Direct admissions to colleges/universities/reputed institutes through management quota or donations. • Discriminating on the basis of race, caste, religion, or creed mentioning in ads. • Education certificates(fake) for High school diplomas, university, medals, etc. • Escort Services or adult (cross-gender) massage. • Firecrackers, Explosives and Explosive Substances • Foreign exchange including collecting and effecting/remitting payments directly /indirectly outside India in any form towards overseas foreign exchange trading through electronic/internet trading portals. • Free services of any kind with no clearly defined benefits. • Government IDs and Licenses Services. • items or government-issued items such as medals, rewards &certificates • Govt job of any type (except the third-party vendor payroll if mentioned), Backdoor jobs, Captcha work, work from home via Facebook, Foreign jobs, Chit funds job or schemes. • Government service - Only consultancy/guidance is allowed • Guaranteed services for approval and acceptance of government documents or IDs (Aadhar card, PAN, Passport, Visa, etc.) • Hellevator scheme- Matrix sites or sites using a matrix scheme approach • Human, Blood, Bodily Fluids, Human Parts, and Remains • Illegal Goods/Embargoed Goods/Contraband goods • Indian currency notes – Old, New, or Error notes. Coins considered legal tender. • Hacking/piracy- Devices infringing intellectual property rights such as unlocking devices which include Mod chips or other devices designed to circumvent copyright protection • IPR media violation- Media infringing intellectual property rights, which includes unauthorized copies of books, music, movies, and other licensed or protected materials • IPR software violation- Software infringing intellectual property rights, which includes unauthorized copies of the software, video games, and other licensed or protected materials, including OEM or bundled software • Ivory products • iCloud unlocking services: OLX doesn't allow iCloud unlocking services on the platform. • Items that hurt the Laws for the Protection of Historical, Artistic, and Cultural significance • Loans offered by private parties or institutions not authorized and regulated as per RBI guidelines. • Luxury items with unrealistic pricing/not corresponding to market pricing. • Medical Equipment requiring licenses (such as Ultrasound machines, X-Ray Machines, etc). • Medicines prescribe as prescription-strength medicine, aesthetic, steroids, & food supplements • Miracle cures include unsubstantiated cures, remedies, or other items marketed as quick health fixes • Multi-Level Marketing Services (MLM), SMS Sending, Email sending/processing, Champ cash, Network marketing jobs, and affiliated home-based jobs. • Offensive goods, the crime that includes crime scene photos or items, such as personal belongings, associated with criminals • Offensive Material - examples include ethnically or racially offensive material • Photos of artists/singers/entertainers are not allowed unless with a permit • Pirated Cable box descramblers and jail-broken/modified gaming consoles. • Police, Army, Navy, and Airforce Related Items • Political affiliations, admission, and blogging • Software & movie piracy, software to unlock phones/video games or Stocks, and Other Securities • Stocks, shares, and other securities intangible in nature • Surrogacy • The government has declared face masks and hand sanitizers as essential commodities under the 'Essential Commodities Act, 1955' up to June 30, 2020. This is to ensure price regulation and availability of these products. OLX supports this move and only allows these products at a regulated price. • Tickets/vouchers/passes for many events, games, matches or concerts, lottery tickets, sweepstakes entries, subscriptions, etc. • Traffic devices, which include radar detectors/hammers, license plate covers, traffic signal changers /sensors, and related products. • Transfer of membership/subscription/certificates/timeshare etc. • Transfer or selling license for pharmacy or liquor shop or any such institution which is controlled by the government • Used Cosmetics, undergarments, personal hygiene & grooming items (e.g. epilators, shavers, etc). However, used Used Nebulizer is allowed if it is in good condition. • Unauthorized wireless transceiver apparatus. • Mobile signal boosters. • Weapons, Air guns, artillery including arms, any type of edged tools resulting in affliction including daggers, swords, serrated objects, knives, and similar items. • Covid Antigen Kits

There are 9 independent categories. Any other products which does not come under these categories can be listed under “Others” The categories are Vegetables Fruits Fresh Leaves Spices – Ground Spices, Whole Spices, Dried Fruits, Others (here you can add in specific sub categories as well) (In “Others” you can list products like Dried Bay Leaf) Sea Food – Marine / Salt Water fish, Fresh Water Fish, Others. (In “Others” you can list produce like Dried Fish, Crab, Mussels, Squid, etc.) Cooking Oil – Coconut Oil, Gingelly Oil, Others (In “Others” you can list products like Olive Oil, Almond Oil, etc.) Poultry – Here you can list Chicken, Egg, Quail, Duck, etc. Commodities – Here you can list products like Varieties of Rice; Wheat; Millets; Sugar; Jaggery; Lentils like Toor Dal, Moong Dal, etc.; Pulses like Bengal Gram, Green Gram, Horse Gram, Tea, coffee powder, etc. Herbs – Here you can list Ayurvedic products like Raw Banana powder for babies, Medicinal products like Chyavanaprasham, Ayurvedic Hair Oil, Kashaya Powder, Chukku Kaapi etc. Herbs like Aloe Vera, Brahmi, Tulsi, Others – Honey, Pickles, Home-made Cakes, Bakery items, Home-made Savouries, Instant Mixes, Flours, etc.

On the top right had side there is the search button with advanced search option in the drop down. Type the name of the item you wish to buy in the search bar Tap on the desired ad on results page The specific ad will open containing all details & specifications written by the seller

Once you open a desired ad, you will see an option to chat within the app. Or Once you register/log in you can see the contact details of the seller and you can contact directly via Whatsapp, or call.

By default your search result will show only ads within 5 km radius In the sort area you can change the distance from the drop down In the advanced search page you can select a location to search products in that location

We don’t recommend paying advance to the seller. Advance payment is common fraud sellers’ trick to make the customers do upfront payments for goods, services, etc. Advance payment frauds – watchout for! • Too good to be true and irresistible offers • Token money demands without meeting in person/physically checking the product • Posing as people from trustworthy & noble professions like Army Personnel, CISF, BSF, Doctors,NGOs, Public services, etc. • Showcase of absolute urgency to sell the item or an emotional appealg. family member is sick and urgent need of money for operation, payment of school fees, etc. • Job guarantee offers and employment schemes requesting an advance fee to secure the job or obtain the materials to perform the job or involving money transfer. • Advance fees to cover any processing charges, pay duty, taxes, courier fees, shipment and conversion charges, etc.

You can add an Ad into wishlist & view it later. Here are the steps to do so: • Tap the heart icon to add it to your wishlist • Once you log in go to "Profile" icon at the top right • In the drop down menu click on the “Wishlist” and you can see your favourite ads • Once the ad expires, the ad will be deleted from the wishlist as well.

Featured ads are paid ads by sellers. Only serious people will pay to sell their products.

To see full details and to access full features of Jagmul platform it is recommended that you be a registered user.

We feature only agriculture and farm related products, Home-made food products, and Herbal products.

Don’t pay in advance. Please meet the seller, check the product and only then pay the seller. All transactions at any point of time will be at buyer’s risk.

Tap “Sell Now” button at the bottom center of the screen Add Details Product name, Category, sub category (if applicable), Location, Area, Description, Photos, Mobile No., Address (use google maps drop the pin or type the address), Specify unit Price, Specify available Stock, Specify Units, Specify seller type, Partial/full sale, and you are ready to publish Upload multiple photos (You can click from the app, or you can upload it from your gallery) Verify and agree to terms and conditions and you can publish your ad

You can post 10 ads for free which may change from time to time. After 10 ads you can subscribe a plan for a nominal charge to create additional ads. You may have to renew your ads at periodical intervals depending upon the categories. For Example, Vegetables will expire in 7 days and Spices will have longer expiry time.

You can check out the paid plans by visiting this page https://www.jagmul.com/plans

You can see it in the “My Ads” section within the "My Account" section.

Go to “My Ads” section Select the ad you want to delete And click delete button Click ‘OK’ on the prompt And your ad is deleted

Go to you ad Click on the FB, Insta, WhatsApp, Twitter icons below to share

There is a counter incorporated in the ad. You will know the no. of visits in the counter.

There are many reasons: The ad would be under review. The ad would be rejected. Either ways you will be notified if you have registered with us.

Ads violating Company policies and the law of the country, will be rejected. All ads other than agricultural and farm related will be rejected. All decisions made by the management is full and final.

As it is farm produce the life of the produce varies. So each category has been given an expiry date. In case you have the same product in stock, you can log in to your account and activate the ad.

Log in and go to “My Account” section Click on “Renew Expired Ads” section and renew it.

Free Plan has unlimited validity. But the ads will expire according to the relevant category expiry days. You can repost the ads by renewing those ads from “My Account” “Renew Expired Ads” section for free. Once you exhaust the number of ads in Free Subscription plan, you can delete an ad and post a new one under the Free Subscription Plan itself.

Each subscription plan has a different validity period. But the ads will expire as per the category expiry date. You can renew the ads from “My Account” / “Renew Expire Ads” section, if the validly of the subscription is still active. But all the ads which come under the Subscription plan will expire as and when the subscription validity ends.

Featured ads are paid ads. Once you pay for the listing, your ad will also get the “Featured ad” tag

Your ad will stand out from the crowd with the tag. Buyers tend to take featured ads seriously The ad will be featured in a separate section of “Featured Ads” away from the clutter of the normal listing so that your ad gets better visibility and you will be able to sell faster.

You can pay via Credit/Debit cards, Netbanking, UPI or wallets.

The validity of the featured ad can be seen in the “Dashboard” section in “My Account”

When an account violates Company policies and the law of the land repeatedly on the platform, the account will be deleted without any notice.

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